Pricing plans for teams of all sizes

Choose the plan that works for you and get started on a new journey towards better machine learning models.

Suitable for individuals with limited workloads
  • Credits worth $50 on sign up
  • Access to all features
  • No strings attached, pay as you go
  • Unlimited training jobs
  • Upload upto 5 datasets
  • 1 simultaneous running training job
  • 1 simultaneous deployed model
Suitable for small teams with production workloads
  • Everything in Free
  • Credits worth $600 every month
  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team (upto 10 members), first five are on us
  • Pay as you go on any additional usage
  • Unlimited datasets
  • 5 simultaneous running training jobs
  • 10 simultaneous deployed models
Suitable for larger teams with heavier workloads
  • Everything in Pro
  • Custom pricing according to your needs
  • 24x7 dedicated support
  • Custom features and integrations
  • Pre-trained models on demand
  • Use our cloud or deploy on-premises
  • Unlimited simultaneous training jobs and deployed models
Pay as you go

Flexible pricing with no long-term commitments. Pay only for what you use.

  • $5 per CPU-Hour
  • $8 per GPU-Hour
  • $5 per CPU-Hour
  • $8 per GPU-Hour
Batch Prediction
  • $5 per CPU-Hour
  • $8 per GPU-Hour
  • $5 per CPU-Hour
  • $8 per GPU-Hour
  • $1 per CPU-Hour
  • $2 per GPU-Hour
  • $20 per User
Ready to get started?

Enough said. The value and humungous cost savings are clear. Get started today with 50$ free credits on sign-up. Select from one of our plans best suited for your needs or pay as you go.


Simplismart makes it easier for researchers and businesses to build and deploy machine learning models. It lets you manage your machine learning lifecycle within minutes without any coding.